10 Oct

Shoe Brush Machine

Shoe-Brush-2001-TBThe ultimate Shoe Brush Machine by Liberty Industries.  At first I thought this would be a great item to have at the club after playing 18 holes, until I noticed the price.  All kidding aside, this is a motorized shoe brush cleaner that is fully  automated.  It features four motor-driven brushes to clean the sides, top and bottom of  virtually any piece of footwear. The unit weighs in at 132 pounds has a 1/3-hp,
120V/60Hz electric gear motor.  The picture to the left can be a little deceiving as to the height.  It stands 20″ w x 24″ d” x 39″ h and has a support handle.  I guess the manufacturer doesn’t want to knock you over during the cleaning process.  Obviously, this machine is designed for use prior to entering a clean room environment.  The Shoe brush machine also features a rubber shin guard and has a cast iron base for stability.

The manufacturer also recommends that a Tacky Mat be used in conjunction with the machine to further eliminate a1066any additional dust or debris.

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Stephen Gonshorek