17 Oct

Rocker Mixer

4676630I thought that I would bring up the topic of Rocker Mixers, which sounds like a good name for a nightclub.  All kidding aside, this device is one of the many essential appliances found in most labs.   Since I’ve been working in laboratory sales, quite often I’ll be watching a cop show  on TV and when the scene is in the lab, I can’t help but notice all the equipment that we sell here at OpticsPlanet, that I then point out to my wife.  This is usually followed by a few moments of eye rolling on her part.  But none the less, I started taking note of all the different Rocker/Shakers and what they acutally do.

The concept is to produce a smooth and gentle rocking motion to meet a variety of mixing needs. Both units displayed are incubating rockers as well.  The digitial displays show Speed, Tilt Angle, Temperature, and Time.

4698379You’re able to set temperature, rocking speed, and tilt angle directly from the front panel. This would be ideal for cell cultures, staining and destaining gels, hybridization procedures, hematology, and blotting techniques.   The units feature microprocessor controls with LED display for repeatable results. The base is constructed of cast aluminum for durability and stability.

But if you happen to be looking for just a basic rocker, UNICO has several models that you can choose from. Rockers are heavy-duty, yet nearly silent mixers designed for smooth and gentle movement at 25 RPM assures a uniform, thoroughly mixed specimen, while preserving the integrity of the fragile blood cells.


Obviously, the above rockers and shakers are just a small sampling of what is available.  As always, I encourage you to contact our knowledgeable staff here at OpticsPlanet for assistance in finding the best rocker for your application.

Stephen Gonshorek