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27 Nov

FreeZone® Triad™ Freeze Dry Systems

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As mentioned in some of my previous blogs, if nothing else, the one thing I love about my job is, “It’s Not Boring”.  I wanted to talk about Freeze Dry Systems.  In particular, LabPlanet represents Labconco’s FreeZone Product Line. Working … Continue reading

25 Nov


What does it mean when a product is lyophilized?  It means it is freeze dried but there is more to the lyophilization process than freeze drying.  Lyophilization is necessary to preserve products for storage.  Water causes spoilage and can chemically react with … Continue reading

21 Nov

Wash Bottles

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I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, but for some reason I’ve been getting a bunch of requests for Wash Bottles lately. I myself, not coming from a lab background other than school, the majority of my experience with the 500,000 … Continue reading

18 Nov

Refrigerated Incubator

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Environmental chambers are one kind of refrigerated incubator.  Some others are: BOD incubators, diurnal incubators (plant growth chambers), and stability chambers.  These types of incubators have refrigeration as well as heating  as they must sustain temperatures lower than or equal … Continue reading

14 Nov

First Aid Kits

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I thought a blog on First Aid Kits would be an interesting topic to bring up this week.  This is one of those things you don’t think about or appreciate until you need it.  There’s nothing more frustrating than needing … Continue reading

11 Nov

CO2 Incubator

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The CO2 incubator is a must for certain types of cell culture including mammalian cell culture.  Mammalian cells tend to thrive at a pH of about 7.4.  However some cell lines need slightly more acidic (7.0) or basic (7.7) media … Continue reading

07 Nov

Countdown Controller

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Here’s a nifty device that would come in handy for many of the laboratory tests and tasks that you might run.  A Countdown Controller/timer can be used to perform reproducible stirring, heating, or pumping funictions.  It is used for timed shutdown or start-up of … Continue reading

04 Nov


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The basic piece of laboratory equipment for many labs is the incubator.   Cell culture, BOD determinations, hybridization, environmental control, plant culture – all of these applications require temperature control.  Mammalian cell cultures also need the CO2 level controlled.  BOD incubators, … Continue reading

01 Nov

Intestinal Pathogens

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The intestinal pathogens of the most medical importance are the salmonella and shigella and pathogenic strains of Escherichia coli.  They cause gastroenteritis, bacillary dysentery, foodborne illness, and diarrhea in humans.  Right now the taxonomic differences of salmonella are being revised.  … Continue reading