18 Nov

Refrigerated Incubator

Stability ChamberEnvironmental chambers are one kind of refrigerated incubator.  Some others are: BOD incubators, diurnal incubators (plant growth chambers), and stability chambers.  These types of incubators have refrigeration as well as heating  as they must sustain temperatures lower than or equal to the ambient temperature.  Refrigerated incubators (chambers) may also have humidity control.   Plant tissue and plant growth research, entomological studies, environmental simulation, biochemical Oxygen demand, and stability studies are just a few applications for refrigerated incubators.  Controlled temperatures can range from -70 to 180 °C for environmental chambers.  Humidity control can range from 10 to 98% relative humidity.  Lighting can be added for plant and Plant Growth Chamberentomological work and to study the affect of light on products such as polymers and coatings.  Sizes range from around 2 cu.ft. to >30 cu.ft.  Manufacturers of refrigerated incubators include but are not limited to:  Binder, Caron, Sheldon Manufacturing, Nor-Lake Scientific, and Thermo Scientific.

Robin Prymula