02 Dec

Water Quality

Test StripTesting water quality may require a Nitrate test or a Calcium test or testing of any one of a number of ions.  You don’t need a complete laboratory to perform these tests.  Water testing can be performed using test strips. Some of the other ions which can be tested are: Ammonium, Cyanide, Formaldehyde, Lead, Peroxide… Some of these tests are just strips which change color with the concentration of the ion.  Some ion tests are colorimetric and are produced inChloride Test kits with other reagents necessary to perform the test. Colorimetric tests and test strips are a quick way to find out if a specific ion is present and at what approximate concentration. These tests are a great screening tool if the ion being tested does not need to be known with high precision. They are also a great first step to determine dilutions levels needed for more rigorous testing such as with an ion selective electrode. Contact the lab group at LabPlanet and we can help you find the test you need.


Robin Prymula