09 Dec


Graduated PipetA bulb pipet is very useful for transfer of fluids such as samples, reagents, and stains. Also known as a disposable transfer pipet these tools are indispensable. The pipettes are made from polyethylene and are pliable but tough. They are available sterile and non-sterile. Manufacturers such as Samco (Thermos Scientific) and VWR offer many different draw volumes and tip design. Some of the options are fine tip, extra fine tip, long stem, extra long stem, large bulb, Samcoexact volume, graduated, and pipets specially designed for blood bank applications. There is a large choice in transfer pipets. Perhaps the procedure you’re using could be improved with the right transfer pipette.  If you can’t find the pipet you are looking for contact the lab group at LabPlanet


Robin Prymula