12 Dec

Air Lift Bag

7630371So apparently the title of this blog “Air Lift Bag”, sparked your curiosity as it did mine.  When I first came across this item, I had a vision of a helicopter hovering overhead while lifting this bag that contained a piece of machinery or rescuing a person in distress.  WRONG!

Simplex manufactures Air Lift Bags that are an alternate and actually better solution to a car jack.  Also referred to as a Lifting Jack.   The lifting capacities run from 3.1 to 27.7 tons.  Yes, I did say tons.  A conceivable usage would be to change a tire on an aircraft or heavy truck.

  • Simplex air bag will fit into the tightest areas with collapsed heights of 1.1″ to 1.2″.
  • Models include 2 ply Kevlar with neoprene.
  • Serrated lifting surface on each side of the air bag helps prevent load slippage.
  • Bright “X” is molded into each bag for easy center point placement.
  • Light weight makes the Simplex air bag easy to set up.
  • Simplex air bags operate on standard shop air up to 116 psi.

Lifting JackThe picture to the right gives a good representation of how this tool can work.  As noted above, you will need a compressor, heavy duty hoses and a pressure regulator controller, which there are variations, depending if you want to work with one or more bags.


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Stephen Gonshorek