19 Dec

Phlebotomy Tray

phtrayThe Phlebotomy Tray and Organizer by UNICO offers a great solution for the vampire, I mean phlebotomist on the go.  And by the way, any phlebotomist’s out there reading this blog, you have my respect for what you do for a living.  I do have to ask, isn’t there an easier way to locate a vein when you haven’t hit it the first time around, other than digging and twisting for it?  Anyhow, back to the tray.

It offers a large carrying capacity while eliminating the bulk.  The tray provides a handy pull out drawer that is great for storing needles and bandages.  The top level accepts removable Tube-CUBE (pictured below) racks that  secure a variety of tubes,  ice cups  for temperature sensitive samples, sharps containers, or whatever other responsibilities you have.


The tray is constructed of tough, durable LDPE for long service and easy cleanup.  Included with the tray are:

4 Tube Cubes
2 – 9 place, 1-4 place and 1- 1 place

2 Squeegee Squeezer:
Red Heart
Phlebotomy Assistants (pn#28080-1)
5 Tube bins ( Model 48710

The dimensions are: 11″W x 4.25″D x 6″H

For additional information or availability, kindly contact any of lab sales staff here at LabPlanet.  Thanks for reading my blog and as always, your imput and comments are welcomed.

Stephen Gonshorek.