26 Dec

Innoculating Loop

4902234Innoculating Loops are calibrated for culturing, transferring, streaking or isolating tissue cultures in cytology or histology.

The loop allows an innoculum to be taken from a liquid by using surface tension.  Innoculating Loops are 10 cm long and come in packs of 10.

The loops are made of platinum wire with 15% iridium.  The guage is typically 24 – 26mm with a typical inner diamerters of 2, 3 and 5mm.

Some of the uses of an inoculating loop would be to transfer microorganisms to growth media or for staining slides. They are an important part of the sterile technique as their use permits transfer only of the material of interest.

The advantage of using an Inoculating Loop is that it is a thin metal device with a handle at the end of one end and a looped wire at the other. The looped end is useful for obtaining tha tsampels from colonies growing on media plates or from liquid media.  The loop holds a frop of liquid, somewhat like the bubble wands we all use to play with that held the liquid soap.

There are also disposable devices sed to transfer bacterial samples, such as sterile swabs and even sterilized toothpicks.  But the advantage of an inoculating (also know as an inoculaton loop), is that the instrument can be used and sterilized repeadedly.  This then reduces the amount of contamination from lab waste.

 innoculating_loopsclosepic_web_40dcfe45faFor more information or assistance in locating a loop that will best fit your needs, please feel free to contact any of our laboratory sales staff here at OpticsPlanet and LabPlanet.

Stephen Gonshorek