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30 Jan

Safety Caps

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Though not exactlly related to laboratory geer and might be considered a bit of a reach, I thought these were pretty neat and worth sharing as we all prepare for Super Bowl 2014 MSA, manufacturer of Safety Equipment and in … Continue reading

27 Jan

Coulter Counter

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The Coulter principle is used to count particles suspended in an electrolyte, in a flow cell this would be flow cytometery.  This principle applies to cell counting in hematology as well as any small particle counting.  Not only are the … Continue reading

23 Jan


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Well it is that time of year when dealing with the winter elements can be a challenge. Given the fact that the temperatures here in Chicago have been in single digits with windchills -20 degrees, sales of the Kimberly Clark  Windguards  by … Continue reading

20 Jan

Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography: UPLC

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Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography is related to HPLC (High Performance or High Pressure Liquid Chromatography) but uses smaller particle sizes (less than 2 μm.) and smaller diameter columns.  The efficiency of HPLC separation is inversely related to particle size.  Unfortunately the smaller … Continue reading

16 Jan

Anti-Vibration Tables

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Anti Vibration Tables, also known as Balance Tables, are an excellent solution for providing stability in the laboratory for highly calibrated equipment.  The adverse effect of vibration to   scales, analytical and microbalance procedures, can produce gross inaccuracy for test results. … Continue reading

13 Jan


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We say our freezer temperature is cold.  The ultra low freezers are even colder.  Standard laboratory freezers reach temperatures of – 20°C.  There are two ranges for ultra-low Freezers; -40 to -10°C and -86 to -40°C.  Colder temperatures can be reached in the … Continue reading

09 Jan

Horizon EL with Laptop Computer

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There’s a saying, One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.  The Horizon EL, which is short for Entertainment Lounge, has to be the perfect addition to every guys hide-away.  I showed this to my wife, who gave me “the look” … Continue reading

06 Jan


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Ultrafiltration refers to the separation of very small particles in a fluid using a membrane.  The membrane porosity is very small, the size of large molecules.  The membranes are organized by molecular weight cut off – MWCO in kiloDaltons – … Continue reading

02 Jan

Fiber-Lite® Illumination System

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As an alternative to a stationary, attached light source for viewing samples in your microscope, Dolan-Jenner offers a flexible Illumination System that they call Fiber-Lite. The system can be used either independently from any angle or you can interface it directly … Continue reading