09 Jan

Horizon EL with Laptop Computer

7593928There’s a saying, One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words.  The Horizon EL, which is short for Entertainment Lounge, has to be the perfect addition to every guys hide-away.  I showed this to my wife, who gave me “the look” after she stopped laughing.

In all seriousness, The Horizon EL is designed for use in a medical facility, to create a pleasant and rewarding experience for every patient and donor. The entertainment options provide a needed distraction for long duration procedures providing comfort during a variety of procedures (Apheresis, Oncology, and Blood Collection).

Features of the chair include:

  • Entertainment Options (TV/DVD or Tablet/Laptop)
  • Interchangeable head and footrests
  • Allow for left or right sided procedures
  • Easy to clean seamless cushions

The chair is ergonomically designed for both staff and patient and is certifed to support up to 650 lbs.  There are several available accessories including a warming pad and comfort pillow.

4678828In a situation where a budget is a consideration or the above accesssories are not needed, a Basic Lounge (pictured right) is also available.  Both chairs are available in 14 optional colors.  But most important is the purpose that they are designed for.  Which is to provide comfort to patients with medical needs.  On a side note, both lounges cannot ship to residential addresses, including home-based businesses and are considered a Federally Restricted item according to the Prescription Marketing Act of 1988.  So I guess I won’t be seeing this in my den anytime soon.

As always, our knowledgeable staff here at LabPlanet are available to answer any questions.

Stephen Gonshorek