16 Jan

Anti-Vibration Tables

4791162Anti Vibration Tables, also known as Balance Tables, are an excellent solution for providing stability in the laboratory for highly calibrated equipment.  The adverse effect of vibration to   scales, analytical and microbalance procedures, can produce gross inaccuracy for test results.

To achieve, antivibration, stability and a “Rock Steady” surface, the pedestal of the table (left) is filled with sand and has non-skid rubber feet.


Similar tables (picturerd right) incorporate a solid, smooth marble slab  top, which gives isolation and provides an excellent dampening effect.  The marble legs are also reinforced with an iron cross beam for overal added stability.  The edges of the top are precisely cut to ensure a smooth, level working surface.  On a side note, the marble top is available by itself for pre existing work spaces.

Ideal materials used in the construction of most balance tables are marble,  granite and concrete as aside for providing smoothness, balance and stability, all three are chemical resistant.   

For additional information or assistance in selecting a table to best fit your needs, we encourage you to contact our staff in laboratory sales here at OpticsPlanet, Inc.

Stephen Gonshorek