23 Jan



opplanet-jackson-safety-windgard-aa-8-red-14496-mainWell it is that time of year when dealing with the winter elements can be a challenge. Given the fact that the temperatures here in Chicago have been in single digits with windchills -20 degrees, sales of the Kimberly Clark  Windguards  by Jackson Safety are up.  They’re going like Hot Cakes.  Excuse the pun.

Although not very fashionable, this will protect you from the elements.


Designed to keep the wind out and at the same time, traps warmth. Knitted, flame-resistant, treated polyester meets 16 CFR 1610, Class 1 requirements. High-visibility color. Fits over most safety caps and full-brim styles. Warmth for temperatures ranging from 32 to 0° F (O to –20° C).


Again this is ideal for very cold environments.  The Full head & neck liner with wide wraparound collar are designed to be Universal for fitting all head sizes Leather/Nomex® tabs attach to hard hats which provides protection from electrical arc energy exposure.  The 100% Nomex® outer shell maintains FR protection throughout the life of the product.

Flame resistant inner shell maintains flame resistance through 25 industrial washes or 50 domestic washes.
The Red Plaid Shirt is optional. (just kidding).

For additional information or to place an order, please contact our staff here at OpticsPlanet.

Stephen Gonshorek