27 Mar

Consumer Drones

So, unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last year, you could not of helped to hear about the future of delivery and surveillance that we will be in our lives in the near future.  Actually, I guess this is already happening.   And for those of you,  like my wife, (sorry honey), who aren’t really sure what a “Drone” is,   we’re talking about those small, unmanned aircraft.  And why have I brought up this topic you may ask?  When you think about it, there is a lot of controversy behind it.  From a guy’s perspective, they’re cool toys.  Expensive, but cool.

Now, I’m not really addressing the ones being used by the armed forces.  Undoubtedly, they help to save lives of our troops in an effecient way.  I’m sure there’s an argument behind this statement as well.

1385947944000-AmazonPrimeAir2I was thinking more about the role that retailers like Amazon are taking.  For me personally, I feel this is great concept.  Logistically can this really happen?  I mean, are flying package drones going to collide with themselves or worse, aircraft?

An Amazon photo showing a test of package delivery by drone(Photo: Amazon)

This seems to be something taken right out of the cartoon, The Jetsons, that we use to watch on Saturday mornings.  And bottom line, do we really need delivery within the hour?

I welcome your feed back.

Stephen Gonshorek