05 Nov

EVOS® Cell Imaging Systems – Eliminating the Complexities of Microscopy






Microscopy is a definitely skill worth learning; but when you must capture images for reports, or show images to your students, you would rather dispense with complicated set ups. Finally, there is a cell imaging system able to eliminate the challenges and complexities of microscopy – without compromising performance. Enter the EVOS Cell Imaging System. Whether you’re capturing images for publications, teaching, or research, the EVOS system was designed to allow users to focus on their data rather than the operation of the microscope.


Built to perform a variety of routine and specialty applications, EVOS Imaging Systems can handle everything from cell cultures to complex protein analysis. The proprietary LED light cube technology minimizes photobleaching and offers over 50,000 hours of LED illumination, along with adjustable intensity.




There are five Cell Imaging Systems to choose from:

  1. EVOS XL Core - Bright-field and phase contrast with 4 position objective turret.
  2. EVOS XL – Bright-field and phase contrast with 5 position objective turret.
  3. EVOS FLoid - Fluorescence channels:  DAPI (blue), FITC (green), and Texas Red (red)
  4. EVOS FL - Simultaneously accommodates up to 4 fluorescent light cubes.  Proprietary LED light cubes include:  DAPI, TagBFP, CFG, DFP YFP, RFP, Texas Red, Cy5, Cy5.5, Cy7.  Custom cubes are available.
  5. EVOS FL Auto - Automated X-Y scanning stage; interchangeable vessel holders available.  Optional onstage incubator also available


Interested? Learn more about the entire EVOS Cell Imaging System Lineup at EVOS Cell Imaging Systems