20 Apr

Bunny Suits

Dupont Coveralls

Dupont Coveralls

Bunny suits, or Coveralls, are available in several different forms and materials. Cleanroom Coveralls  for manufacturing and product handling in the pharmaceutical industry, or antistatic work in the electronics industry are designed to protect the work from particulates and/or static.  The material used in these suits need not be fluid resistant as the worker need not be protected from contamination.

In environments such as biohazard laboratories, chemical handling, or nuclear power containment it is necessary that the worker be protected from contamination. These protective coveralls are made of fluid resistant materials.

Some coveralls are one piece including hood and boots, other have separate hood and boots. Manufacturers for cleanroom coveralls include Kimberly Clark, DuPont, White Knight, Internatinal Enviroguard, and VWR to name a few.  Some manufacturers for protective coveralls are Kimberly Clark, DuPont, Ansell Healthcare, and Honeywell

Materials include:

SMS (spun bound polymer bonded to a melt bound polymer) used in ISO Cleanrooms


Polyester with carbon fiber for static control (ESD)

Polyolefin for  protection from dry particles, microorganisms, and nonhazardous liquids

DuPont™ Tyvek® for fluid resistance

Polypropylene for chemical resistance