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27 Mar

Consumer Drones

So, unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last year, you could not of helped to hear about the future of delivery and surveillance that we will be in our lives in the near future.  Actually, I guess … Continue reading

21 Mar


What is genomics? As you may have guessed, genomics is the study of genomes. Now we must define genome. A genome refers to a full set of chromosomes in a diploid organism and a single set of chromosomes in a … Continue reading

20 Mar

Teaching Children to Have Grit

Teaching our children to have grit.  No, this has nothing to do with our kids playing out in the sand and mud.  I happen to hear this very interesting story on NPR (National Public Radio).  At first I had visions … Continue reading

13 Mar

3-D Printer Helps Baby Breathe

Picture of baby Garrett and His Mother Natalie Peterson,  courtesy of NPR. On my way to work this morning, I was Listening to this incredible story on NPR about Garrett, who was born with a defective windpipe.  Apparently, Garrett was born with a … Continue reading

07 Mar


What is a gene? A gene holds the information necessary to produce cells within an organism. Genes are passed on to the next generation of offspring within a population. A gene contains the information required to make a protein, the … Continue reading

22 Feb

Do You Need Your Lab Water Deionized (Softened, Polished)?

Perhaps all your lab needs is deionized water.  Or you would like to use DI water as feed water for further purification.  There are cartridge deionizers which are simple to install and require little maintenance. Ion exchange in water treatment … Continue reading

21 Feb

Protein Purification

Protein purification is a series of steps designed to isolate a protein of interest from a mixture of other substances. The purification of proteins is very important for understanding the structure, function, and interactions of the protein of interest. The … Continue reading

20 Feb

Wireless Weather Stations

Professional Weather Stations for use in schools, labs and industrial applications.  This instrument is designed to monitor conditions, forecast weather, and check environmental air parameters.  The unit displays temperature, humidity, dew point, barometric pressure/pressure trend, weather forecast, wind direction/speed, wind … Continue reading

17 Feb

An Easy Start to Pure Lab Water

Where do you start for a laboratory water treatment system?  Especially if you have a small laboratory.  Initial water treatment in the lab could start with a water pre-filter to remove particulates followed by a reverse osmosis system.  This is … Continue reading

13 Feb

Brushes for Cleaning Test Tubes

The right tool for the right job!  Test Tube Brushes seem to be one of those items you don’t really think about until you need it.  I recently received orders from several labs.  In each case, the tech ran out … Continue reading