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01 Sep

President Obama and New Species

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A new Genus and Species has been named after President Barack Obama.  This is the first time a new genus of turtle blood fluke has been proposed in 21 years.  The genus and species is Baracktrema obamai.  Dr. Thomas R. Platt … Continue reading

20 Apr

Bunny Suits

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Bunny suits, or Coveralls, are available in several different forms and materials. Cleanroom Coveralls  for manufacturing and product handling in the pharmaceutical industry, or antistatic work in the electronics industry are designed to protect the work from particulates and/or static. … Continue reading

19 Feb

Emergency Eyewash and ANSI Z358.1-2009

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We never want to have to use our emergency eyewash stations, but if we do need to use one we don’t want ice cold water hitting our eyeballs.  In the ANSI Z358.1-2009 requirements the water supplied to emergency stations must be tepid … Continue reading

26 Jan

Explosion Proof?

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I recently had an inquiry for an explosion proof refrigerator.  A client wanted to store a potentially explosive chemical in a refrigerator.  I decided to do some research on what “Explosion Proof” really means.  I discussed this with several suppliers … Continue reading

05 Jan

Standard Addition; when is it useful?

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Recently I have seen discussions and questions about the analytical method of standard addition.  Standard addition can apply to any analytical method which has a linear signal or response vs. concentration of the analyte; for example absorbance in spectroscopy or … Continue reading

05 Nov

EVOS® Cell Imaging Systems – Eliminating the Complexities of Microscopy

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        Microscopy is a definitely skill worth learning; but when you must capture images for reports, or show images to your students, you would rather dispense with complicated set ups. Finally, there is a cell imaging system … Continue reading

27 Mar

Consumer Drones

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So, unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last year, you could not of helped to hear about the future of delivery and surveillance that we will be in our lives in the near future.  Actually, I guess … Continue reading

20 Mar

Teaching Children to Have Grit

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Teaching our children to have grit.  No, this has nothing to do with our kids playing out in the sand and mud.  I happen to hear this very interesting story on NPR (National Public Radio).  At first I had visions … Continue reading

13 Mar

3-D Printer Helps Baby Breathe

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Picture of baby Garrett and His Mother Natalie Peterson,  courtesy of NPR. On my way to work this morning, I was Listening to this incredible story on NPR about Garrett, who was born with a defective windpipe.  Apparently, Garrett was born with a … Continue reading

22 Feb

Do You Need Your Lab Water Deionized (Softened, Polished)?

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Perhaps all your lab needs is deionized water.  Or you would like to use DI water as feed water for further purification.  There are cartridge deionizers which are simple to install and require little maintenance. Ion exchange in water treatment … Continue reading